Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Butterfly Award

How lovely!!! A beautiful & very talented lady has given me a blog award..
I just love butterflies you so much thank Annette Gearside over at A Monement in Time for thinking of me

To accept the award, I must answer the following questions and then pass the award on to 10 other blogs

1. Name my favorite color/colors - Earth Tones
2. Name my favorite song – Fly Away - Tim MvGraw
3. Name my favorite dessert – Pavlova
4. What 'wizzes' me off at the moment? – Small minded Nasty People
5. My favorite pets – Daisy the horse
6. Black or white? Definitely black
7. Biggest fear – Spiders
8. Best feature - My eyes
9. Everyday attitude – Things happen for a reason
10. What is perfection? – my family ( most of the time)
11. Guilty Pleasure- Cappuccinos
12. When I am upset I... Hide and cry !!!

I would love to pass this blog award out to the following ladies:

Kylie Symons

Ann Murphy

Lindy Gillespie

Phillipa Newsham

Peg Hewitt

Bellasden vel Agnska

Kylie Tout

Kerry Murray

Angela Peardon

Trish Rheinberger

Every one of these ladies are absolutely amazing in what they have achieved
Their talent is awe inspiring,
each so different in their designs and works of art.
Once again thankyou so much Annette
Cheers for now

1 comment:

Peg said...

Congrats Kim :-)
And thanks so much for thinking of me!


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