Monday, November 13, 2017

Abstract Art

I am back to day to share another piece of abstract art with you using the wonderful products available in the Scrappingclearly store.

Today's creation uses product from Jane Davenport's range  - her collage papers, and acrylic paints from Winsor & Newton

Abstract art work is all about randomness and using different and odd pieces to create an image that is pleasant to the eye, it is a very individual process and every piece is truly unique.

To create this I have used good quality french mixed media paper.
I have found when creating a larger piece, I have become what one would call a paper snob, this is because the better the paper, the better the products work.

I started by taking the Jane Davenport collage paper and tearing it into random size pieces and the adhering them over my page (this piece is A3 in size). The glue I have chosen to to use is the Dina Wakely Gel Medium. I have also secured my page to a board and water bathed it to prevent buckling you can secure it well with low-tack washi tape, I have used masking tape.

Once the gel medium was dry I layered random spots of paint over the page and, while the paint was wet, I added some clean sand into the paint. The paints used here are Winsor and Newtons Cadmium Yellow Medium Series 3Cobalt Turquoise Series 3 and Permanent Rose Series 3

Once the paint was dry I just shook off any excess sand, I didn't remove it all as it adds texture to the page. I then added random spots of shellac over the page, making sure to add it over some of the sand areas but not all.
There you have an easy but effective piece of abstract art.
This technique can also be used in your art journals.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Scarppingclearly DT share

Good morning everyone

Today I would like to share with you a painting that I recently completed using the amazing Windsor and Newton and Liquitex Acrylic Paints which are stocked in store at Scrappingclearly.

Did you know that you can use acrylic paints just like watercolour paints, yes that correct they retain the pigment colour better than watercolours all you have to do is use lots of water and blend the acrylic paint done as you will see in the following photos.   

I started out with an A2 size piece of mixed media paper one thing I will share with you about paper it does pay to buy the best you can this paper is a french paper with linen in it and oh wow it works a treat.

 I then started to sketch my duck in pencil I always us an F lead as it is softer and leaves no damage when erased.once I had my sketch completed I mixed my colours up and started to paint the duck in.

As you can see you wont need heaps of colour.

As I started to fill in the duck using a large water colour brush, you can see how similar the paint looks to water colour. 

As more detail is added

The colours of the watered down paint are brilliant as can be seen from the head details.
if using acrylics as watercolour you do need to remember they don't blend with each other as readily as watercolour and they do dry quicker. 


When I had my duck to the stage I thought it was complete I then added a layer of Iridescent Bright Gold from the Liquitex range watered down to a wash over the body of the duck and the applied a layer of glad wrap over that and allowed it to dry what that does is leave texture lines in the paint adding depth to the image.

Just look at the sheen from the Iridescent Bright Gold paint isn't it awesome.

Then I just added some splatters to the page to finish it. And now it is at the framers waiting to be framed. As you can see I have used a board and masking tape to secure my image, I have also given my paper a water bath on the board prior to using to allow it to stretch and shrink back to a flat surface which prevents the paper buckling when the paint is added. 

I hope you have all enjoyed seeing the creation of my duck painting and will now have more inspirations in using your acrylic paints in your creations, as these steps can also be used on your scrappbooking layouts and art journaling.

Until next time happy creating Kim    

Friday, April 7, 2017

Some exciting news to share

I have some very exciting news I thought I would share and that is I have 4 yes 4 of my scrapping pieces in this months Scrapbooking Memories and to really top it off I have a double page step by step for 2 of my mini canvas's so here are my pages.

This page is of the beautiful Sugar Pine Walk

This is of my beautiful cousin

and my double page step by step

Hope you have enjoyed my share

A Beautiful Day

Last Saturday I spent the loveliest day with my beautiful daughter and a friend from Queensland Jenny Wade. Malina spent the afternoon riding her beautiful horse Ziggy and this photo shows how beautiful the day was.

This photo is sitting along side the arena.

And of  cause I have to share a photo of the beautiful Ziggy (Dionisii)


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