Thursday, August 29, 2019

Helmar Design Team upload

Hello Helmar fans and welcome to my design team post. I hope you are all staying nice and warm with temperatures plummeting in Australia, it is great weather to stay indoors and work on projects we have all got banked up.

I have spent some time working on what you can use the Crystal Kote Fixative Spray 400g for and, have found that it is designed to be able to be used on many various medium watercolour, Chalks, Pastels, Crayons plus other surfaces.
It is used to protect the medium you have used it is acid free, prevents yellowing  and anarchically safe. My guess would be that you could possibly preserve newspaper articles with it.
The product is very simple to use  simple work in a well ventilated area (worked outside) and spray lightly over your project and that is all there is to do.

The image below is of a Pan Pastel project from a Stencil Girl, stencil designer that I have completed and found that the pastels just don't set as they are a powder type product a light spray of the Crystal Kote and no more are the pastels coming off on everything.


My next creation that I have used the Crystal Kote on was a watercolour and ink project and you can not even see that it has been sprayed with the Crystal Kote what should happen here is that the colour of the watercolours will now be preserved and not fade over time.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post share and the information on Crystal Kote, if you would like have further information on creating with this product please contact myself or Helmar!

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On the Boardwalk - Helmar Design Team

Hello Helmar fans and welcome to my design team post. The theme I am doing to day is summer, I have a real passion for the papers from Graphic 45 and felt that the On the Board Walk range would be just beautiful for my photo from Hobart.

My layout today uses 3 of the Helmar family of products.


To start my layout base I have used the Helmar Scrap Dots to adhere my frame to my adhere my papers together.


I have then taken the paper I am using to layer my background and started adhering to my page using
Helmar Acid Free Glue 


Then as I moved into layering my embellishments I used a mixture of Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots and Helmar Acid Free Glue which provide awesome depth and dimension you can see from the below butterfly image how thick and firm the Scrap Dots are.

67590221_464040537778539_1031848734469652480_n 67870921_784963308587988_5759574031816720384_n

When Adding my photo I decided to see what the Helmar Foam Glue was like and have used that on my photo. I would say it is just as good as any of the Helmar products for using.


As I continued to layer my embellishments I have continued using the above glues.
You can see the dimension these glues have allowed in  the below image.


When adding my title to my layout I have used the Helmar Acid Free Glue to adhere you can see from the below image how little you need to apply and it dries clear.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post share, if you would like have further information on creating this layout please contact me. Kim


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