Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Helmar and Book Binding

I am sharing with the most awesome technique that I have learnt from attending an amazing class with the super talented Seth Apter using the old fashion binding techniques.

We started the class but covering the product we had chosen for our covers and I elected to use a cut down cover of an old book my book is 2.5 x 2.5 inches yes its that small. To adhere my paper to the covers I have used Helmar Craft & Hobby PVC Glue and its works a treat.

You will see from the following photos' how i have covered my cover and created the spine on my book the spine is separate folds of card held with PVA to make the attachments for the pages.



Once you create the spine the rest is so easy to make you have your pages cut and then you start adding them and decorating them with collage using lots of layers I have have also used the Helmar Craft & Hobby PVC Glue spread thinly to adhere my collage items down. I will now share some of the pages from my mini book with you it is still far from finished with the layers which will include having stamping and pen work to make marks added.

The Cover as it stands now, I am still working on what I will add to finish this off


The inside over the cover and first page


The next spread in my book


The follow spread shows how you can use anything to be a page I have used a tag in this case and washi tape is held with Helmar Craft & Hobby PVC Glue as it is not a permanent tape but a reposition able tape so you need to adhere with a permanent glue.


And again look for elements that can be hidden or peeping out in your collage work


Always try to find elements that can add interest


and you can see my page on the right is still under construction with lots of layers happening


And this will be my final page and in side back cover when finished


And this is the back cover


I hope you have all been inspired by this awesome little mini book and how simple it is to make using Helmar Craft & Hobby PVC Glue.

Thank you for looking


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