Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scrapmatts Monthly Challenge

Do you wan the chance to win some Scrapmatts then all you need to do is complete the monthly challenge and ensure you have used some awesome Scrapmatts on the challenge, this months is a blind challenge here is is please enter you LO for your chance to win

Upload date is not before the 20th why this date so that you can do the LO with your own inspiration and ideas rather than looking at what the others have done

Here is my sneak peak

What you will need
All papers need to coordinate it is ideal for your scraps
1 x 30.5cm  x 30.5cm  page
1 x 24cm x 22.5cm paper 1
1 x 18.5cm x 15.5cm paper 2
1 x 13cm x 8.5cm paper 3
1 x 8cm x 24cm paper 4
1 x 2.5cm x 1.5cm paper 5
Scrapmatts of your choice
6 x 4 Landscape
You may ink or distress as you like
1 take paper 1 and adhere it to you 30.5 x 30.5 page it will need to be 3.5cm from the top of your page and 2mm from the left hand side
2 Take paper 2 and adhere this 7.5cm from the top and 5mm from the left hand side of the page
3 take paper 3 and adhere it 10.5cm from the top of the page and 2cm from the left hand side so 8.5cm is the height
4 Take paper 4 and adhere it 18.5cm from the top of the page and 7mm from the left hand side of the page
5 Take paper 5 and adhere it 24cm from the top of the page and 1cm from the left hand side of the page
6  Photo placement your photo will go 13cm from the top and 3.5cm from the left
6 now add you Scrapmatts embellishments as well as any other you would like as well as your title
7 you are now finished your LO

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