Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Excited but Shocked

Well I was shocked by this news from Sketchabilities but also very excited to make the team once was awesome but twice well ........

"Introducing our new Design Team for our next term
January1-March 30th 2012
we have 3 returning designers-and 15 new Design Team Members

Aki Linuma - Japan
Debbie Sherman-USA
Ginny Hughes-USA
Helen Tilbury-South Africa-returning
Debbie Standard-USA
Julie Comeau-Canada
Kim Kendell-Austrailia-returning
Kimberly Arledge-USA
Leah Cameron-Austrailia
Linda Eggleton-Austrailia
Marcia Dehn-Nix-USA
Marilyn Rivera-Puerto Rico
Nicole Doiron-Canada
Raissa Costa-Brazil
Nina Stenzel-Germany
Victoria Freeze-Ukraine
Regina Castillo-Philippines-returning
Leila Cassimira-Brazil

Please give them a warm Sketchabilities return and welcome!"


Sylvia said...

congrats, Kim!!! well deserved :-)
Sylvia xx

Bellaidea said...

Congratulations, very well done!

Victoria Freze said...

congratulations, Kim!

Marisa said...

Congratulations Kim, well done :)


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